About Us

“Take a load off your shoulders”

iDoLaundry Team

Who we are

iDoLaundry is a family-owned and -operated business focused on great care and high service of washing, drying, folding, and bagging of your valuable laundry, delivered to your home or business.

  • We provide services with water washing techniques and detergent.
  • We separate your clothes by color(4 piles) : whites , lights, colored and blacks.
  • We DO NOT mixed any ones clothes with yours: Thus washed separately and individually for your best interest.
  • We have a fast turn around next day or express for same day for your convenience.

Our Principles are:


* We wash your laundry while you are engaged in other activities

* We collect and deliver to your home


* Guaranteed garment care

* We deliver on a timely manner


* We have the knowledge to respond suitability to the needs of our customers


* Save time

* Savings in laundry products

* Save on water, gas and energy

* Savings on investment, depreciation and washing equipment repair