Our flexibility is fantastic! We know you have a very busy schedule so we fit your available hours. Make your Pick Up Appointment here  or Call us:

Phone: (408) 634-9593


Monday to Friday : 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 3pm
Sunday: 9am to 12pm*Monday -Friday Only on individual priced items.
As our hours, our PRICING is also great:
Monday to Friday : $2.50 per lb
Saturday and Sunday : $3.00 per lb
Same Day Delivery : $3.50 per lb. Each individual priced item 35% more.



  • Twin/Full $12.00 per item
  • Queen/King $16.00 per item


  • Regular & Smaller  $9.00 per item
  • King Size $12.00
No down Feathers 

All items must be washable 


  • Twin/Full $16.00 per item
  • Queen / King $21.00 per item

Bed Spread

  • Twin/Full $13.00 per item
  • Queen/King $18.00 per item

  • Duvet cover (Any size) $16.00 per item

  • Some Mattress Covers starting @ $25.00 & up per item
* No down feathers
*All items must be washable 

This map can be used as a reference ONLY of the minimum charge in the area shown. This map DOES NOT display all the cities we cover.

* No dry cleaning

* Please have all your linen in a separate bag,  those items are charged separate.  Except for sheets. If mixed with your regular laundry we will reconfigure the amount to pay at time of delivery.