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Acknowledgment iDolaundry Service


Monday – Friday: $2.50 per pound

Saturday & Sunday: $3.00 per pound.  35% increment on individual priced items.

Express Service (same day): $3.50 per pound. 35% increment on individual priced items(Laundry must be collected before 11am).

Individual charged items are displayed on our website: www.idolaundry.net 

We offer a 24hr. turnaround service, this means when collecting laundry on Friday and delivered on Saturdays, and the weekend rate will apply. One may choose delivery on a later date, idf specified and arranges at time of puck-up appointment.

Payment is required at the time of each laundry delivery. Unless previous arrangements had been made prior to the drop-of. No garments will be delivered when no payment is made( no exceptions).  iDolaundry doesn not except payments by mail and we do not do any type of refunds. If one has a scheduled delivery and no one is home to take care of the balance, we will be in the need to reschedule for a second delivery.  We will reschedule the appointment as soon as possible based on availability on our books. 

This may result in a storage fee of 3% per day in addition to the starting balance and a trip fee. 

Due to our high demand for appointments, iDolaundry requires erveyone to provide at leats a 48 hrs notice to cancel or reschedule any laundry appointment. Failure to cancel o reschedule an appointment with less than 48 hrs notice will result in full charge of the minimum fee of the appointment. 

iDolaundry strives to come out to one’s location twice only for each laundry service. One, to  pick-uo your garments, adn two to deliver them free. An additional trip fee will apply to each additional trip. We do not except any pick-ups or dropf-off in our establishments under any circunstance.

Source of payment:

    1. Check (ID requiered)
    1. Credit Card (5% transaction fee applies)
  1. Cash 🙂

*Please note we are not responsible for any laundry lost or stolen when left outside your home or usiness unattended. Plese know that all garments that are given to us will be washed. No dry cleaning, no down-feathers.   iDolaundry will wash and dry every item provided to us. Please make sure all items given are washable. We are not responsible for any damage garment that shrunk or got damage under any circumstance.

Please be sure to check and empty out all your pockets of all your laundry. We are nos liable for any damages any item remained in pockets may cause. We must know every time when garment is being washed for the first time. Please have all new item(s) in a separate bag clearly labeles, to wash it accordingly to avoid bleeding into other items.

There is a clean up fee and disinfecting fee for any contamination of any of our washers may have undergo while washing one’s laundry determined upon our discretion.

Any check that gets returned for insufficient funds will have a fee of $40.00 and full payment is due immediately. All items that requiere Air Dry will have to be placed in a separate bag clearly labeled(Air Dry Only) some of those items may comeback dammed, they may need additional air drying time, so please allow additional time for drying.