It is as simply as ABC

A) By calling us, or register on line to schedule an appointment for pickup.

B) We proceed with the pickup of your garments at the step of your home or office. Please have all your linen in a separate bag,  those items are charged separate.  Except for sheets. If mixed with your regular laundry we will reconfigure the amount to pay at time of delivery. At this time we can accommodate next day or same day delivery. We will weight your clothing and you will be given the price to pay at the time of delivery. To avoid bleeding, you must disclose when you have new items in your laundry.


C)  The end result, we’ll return your clothing nice and folded to your home or work and payment will be collected.  At this point we can get you scheduled for your next pickup.

Remember, we provide services to individuals or busy professionals, families, senior citizens, business, party planners, group homes, summer camps, students, etc.

If you like our service please help us giving us a review on Yelp, We really appreciate it!

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