Commercial and Residential Laundry Service.

NEW  Eco-Friendly Special ServiceSelloEcoFriendly

We can use Organic & Biodegradable Products for your laundry upon request. Ask for our Eco-Fiendly rates.

Busy Professionals/ Families/Students

  • All Clothing

Party Planners

  • Napkins and Tablecloths


  • Napkins and Tablecloths
  • Bar Towels, Aprons & Mats
  • Uniforms, etc

Dr’s Offices

  • Medical Uniforms, Lab Coats, Blankets
  • Towels, Wash Cloths



  • Blankets


  • Bed Sheets & Pillowcases
  • Quality Bath & Hand Towels, Robes
  • Housekeeping, Front Desk & Kitchen Uniforms
  • Spa and Massage Towels
  • Service for guests

Beauty Salon

  • Salon Towels


  • Gym Towels


And … MORE

*Free pickup
. Wash -n- fold laundry service
. Free delivery of clean garments

Learning your name, personal preferences, and your specific needs are part of what makes the relationship between iDoLaundry and you or your business!